Still Life in the Old Girl Yet

"As for many artists 2020 was a productive year for me, in Victoria we had more time in ‘lock-down’ than we want to remember, but I am grateful I had my studio practise to concentrate on – which allowed me to weave nine of the tapestries in this exhibition.

Woven tapestry is a slow process, each tapestry can take days, even weeks to produce, so I only weave images that nag at me to be woven. I start with lots of reference photos, then make a rough drawing which I translate into a cartoon, which will be my guide for weaving the tapestry. I make a ‘colour strip’ testing yarns and colours, once I am happy with the balance of colour and textures the weaving starts.

Making tapestries in a series comes naturally for me, as I am fascinated with repetition, changes in form and colour. I have often revisited themes/subjects - this exhibition looks at ‘still life’ in a variety of settings.

The windowsill

Like a magpie I am attracted to blue objects, in this case glass bottles and containers. My kitchen windowsill has for years been crammed full of them. I would often think about weaving them, but like every other tapestry in this exhibition I needed to wait for the right time for the design/drawing/photograph in my journal to be ready to be translated into a woven tapestry."

Bottles x 13 2020 15 x 48 cm Sold

Bottles x 3 (Blue) 2020 15 x 15 cm Sold

Bottles x3 (Blue/Green) 2020 15 x 15 cm Sold

The National Gallery of Victoria

Amongst the many objects in the National Gallery of Victoria there are collections of ceramics covering many styles and eras. When visiting I have taken lots of photos which have resulted in tapestries of my favourite earthenware pots, dishes and jugs.

Earthenware Pots x 7 2020 15 x 48 cm Sold

Earthenware pots x 3 2020 15 x 15 cm Sold

Earthenware pot (wonky) 2020 15 x 15 cm $500

Jugs x 5 2020 15 x 48 cm Sold

Yellow Jug 2020 15 x 15 cm $650

White Jug 2020 15 x 15 cm Sold

Orange Jug 2021 15 x 15 cm $650

Fat White Jug 2021 15 x 15 cm $650

My Mum's Jug 2021 15 x 15 cm $650

Blue Jug 2021 15 x 15 cm $650

The giftshop

For while I worked in a gift shop, if it was quiet and I had done all my unpacking, arranging and dusting I would sketch my favourite objects, the vases, ceramic bottles and rice bowls with chopsticks, arranging and re- arranging them making different arrangements.

Green Bottle and Cups 2001 14 x 10 cm $350

Cream Bottle 2002 14 x 10 cm $350

Vases x 3 2002 10 x 14 cm $350

Rice bowl and red chopsticks x 3 2001 9 x 24 cm $300

Rice bowl and red-blue chopsticks x 3 2001 9 x 24 cm $300

Rice bowl and red-blue chopsticks x 5 2001 9 x 38 cm $350

The shed

The five tapestries of tools and equipment came about when my parents were moving to a retirement village and needed to downsize their belongings, my father walked me through his large shed telling me the history of his ‘stuff’. He said, ‘all this has to go’, I suggested I would be happy to take the Sidchrome toolset – he informed me that my elder brother was getting it. After some contemplation, I realised that was a good decision as my brother would use it and I could weave my own toolset…

My toolset 2010 43 x 55 x3.5 cm $2,950

Bits n pieces 2011 29 x 36 cm $1,550

Socket set 2010 14 x 20 cm $550

Mulcher 2012 20 x 14 cm $550

Vacuum-mulcher 2012 14 x 20 cm $550